Welcome to MERETI Network – A resource for the international research ethics community. The Middle East Research Ethics Training Initiative (MERETI) was established in 2005 and since then more then 100 individuals have received advanced training in Research Ethics consisting of one month summer training at the University of Maryland followed by online training. Trainees have come from Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. We conduct workshops and conferences in the Arab Region.

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Establishing a Compliance and Assurance Office in a Research Centre in Saudi Arabia

Several years ago, in my role as the clinical research coordinator, I observed a primary investigator (PI) violate the research protocol. This made me think about how to track PIs’ adherence to guidelines and regulations as well as how to track their accomplishments. I looked for support from the Research Centre- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This Centre has an Office Research Affairs (ORA) that supports the hospital’s research. It is divided into three units: the Process Unit, the Sponsored Unit, and […]

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My Impressions of the summer MERETI Program

I had been aware of the Maryland capacity building MERETI training course from its graduates. I was impressed by the change such training made on their academic performance and understanding not only of research ethics, but also on the way they lecture. The positive impact of the research ethics and training on their development was obvious. Since then, I have asked the MERETI graduates to assist me in teaching 2-3 day introductory workshops on  research ethics at the UNESCO Chair […]

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Enhancing Children Research in Egypt To Ensure Drug Safety

As a pediatrician, I am interested in working with children to offer them treatments that are not harmful to them. Accordingly, as a member of the National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute (NHTMRI) ethical committee, I encourage pediatric research that ensures protective safeguards for children.

To further my efforts in supporting research involving children, I was delighted to participate in the MERETI 2017 program this past summer. I knew that participation in this program would expand my thinking about ethics […]

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Joining the MERETI Program

When I read about MERETI program, I got a feeling that it could be a turning point in my life. I knew it would be an intensive course. However, as long as my passion about research ethics will be fulfilled, I accepted the challenge – I submitted by application to the program.  I knew that participating in such a program would help my activities as being a member of the research ethics committee at my faculty of medicine at Suez […]

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MERETI 2017 Summer Program Moves to Egypt

After 12 years of holding the MERETI summer program at the University of Maryland, the summer program is being held in Cairo, Egypt this year.   The program started on July 16 and will continue for almost 3 weeks.   Twelve individuals are participating this year and include 8 from Egypt, two individuals from Sudan, one from Jordan, and one from Saudi Arabia.  The major focus of the summer program is to enhance capacity in important skills, which include scientific […]

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MERETI Presentations at 5th World Conference on Research Integrity

MERETI made a presence at the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 28-31, 2017.  Marwan Felafel presented the research that was recently completed regarding the assessment of the prevalence and attitudes regarding research misconduct practices at several universities in the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, and Bahrain).  Shahd Osman presented her poster regarding a similar research study that she conducted involving academics in Sudan.   Both presentations were well received by the participants at […]

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