Welcome to MERETI Network – A resource for the international research ethics community. The Middle East Research Ethics Training Initiative (MERETI) was established in 2005 and since then more then 100 individuals have received advanced training in Research Ethics consisting of one month summer training at the University of Maryland followed by online training. Trainees have come from Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. We conduct workshops and conferences in the Arab Region.

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The MERETI Program is now accepting applications to its 2018  program.   Please click here to go to our site and read a description of our program, or cut and paste www.mereti.net.   At this site, you can complete our online application or download an application document.   The deadline for applying is January 31, 2018.   Top applicants will be invited to our annual 3-day workshop in the Middle East where a final selection will occur.  Please spread the word about our program!

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Published Article Details Research Misconduct Practices in the Middle East

A research study entitled “A Cross-Sectional Survey Study to Assess Prevalence and Attitudes Regarding Research Misconduct among Investigators in the Middle East” was recently published online in the Journal of Academic Ethics.  Readers can access the article via the following link:  http://rdcu.be/wKm4

The lead authors include MERETI scholars Marwan Felafel, Mohamed Salem, and Rola Jaafar.  Other MERETI authors include Reham Yousri, Nahed Ali, and Henry Silverman.

The survey study collected data from 278 participants and the results showed a high prevalence of misconduct, as 59.4% […]

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Think once about how to develop a research ethics curriculum and twice about how to teach it!

I work in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, in one of the largest universities in Upper Egypt. Since our department is dedicated to teaching the principles of ethics in scientific research in my college,  I meet colleagues, students, and researchers who have questions about the ethical issues of their research almost daily. I noticed that many researchers do not have sufficient knowledge about ethical principles in research. Hence, mistakes are made, not […]

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Expressing oneself in a foreign language…more challenging than what I thought.

I studied the English language since “forever”, and I believe this applies for most of my colleagues in the MERETI summer training that I recently attended. However, despite such extensive experience with English,  I just can’t understand why most of us harbor insecurities regarding using the English language freely.

I think one reason stems from the fear of not being able to express yourself the way you wish. You have so many thoughts in your head, but you can’t organize them […]

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Establishing a Compliance and Assurance Office in a Research Centre in Saudi Arabia

Several years ago, in my role as the clinical research coordinator, I observed a primary investigator (PI) violate the research protocol. This made me think about how to track PIs’ adherence to guidelines and regulations as well as how to track their accomplishments. I looked for support from the Research Centre- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This Centre has an Office Research Affairs (ORA) that supports the hospital’s research. It is divided into three units: the Process Unit, the Sponsored Unit, and […]

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My Impressions of the summer MERETI Program

I had been aware of the Maryland capacity building MERETI training course from its graduates. I was impressed by the change such training made on their academic performance and understanding not only of research ethics, but also on the way they lecture. The positive impact of the research ethics and training on their development was obvious. Since then, I have asked the MERETI graduates to assist me in teaching 2-3 day introductory workshops on  research ethics at the UNESCO Chair […]

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