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 Dear MERETI friends , thanks again for your participation and for enriching your website! The discussions that took place on the forum were very educational! Today we want to share with you, that there are other activities by which MERETI members can participate and gain CREEs points.

• You can vote on the opinion polls that are posted on the front page of the website.

• You can write ‘blogs’ that present your opinions about issues in research ethics. These blogs can be posted to the main page of the MERETI-Network page.

• You can write reviews of published articles in research ethics. You can choose an article that you like from the literature or pick one from the list below and we will send you a pdf copy of the article. Just write a short summary of the article with your opinion; no more than 500 words.

Send your blog or review article to Amal Matar or Isabelle Nakhla by email and we will upload it to the website. Waiting to hear from you!

Article List:

  • Al-Qadire MM, Saudi views on consenting for research on medical records and leftover tissue samples. BMC Medical Ethics 2010, 11:19 (21 October 2010)
  • Ahang Z, Matsui K, Krohmai B, Abou-Zeid A, Attitudes towards transfers of human tissue samples across borders: An international survey of researchers and policy makers in five countries. BMC Medical Ethics 2010, 11:16 (16 September 2010)
  • Nalugoda F, Is there coercion or undue inducement to participate in health research in developing countries? An Example from Rakai, Uganda. The Journal of Clinical Ethics 2009. 20;141-9.
  • Ateudjieu J, Training Needs Assessment in Research Ethics Evaluation Among Research Ethics Committee Members in Three African Countries: Cameroon, Mali and Tanzania. Dev World Bioethics. 2010. Pages 888-98
  • Ezeome ER, Simon C. Ethical problems in conducting research in acute epidemics: The Pfizer Meningitis Study in Nigeria as an illustration. Dev World Bioethics. 2010, page 1010.
  • Pace C, Post-trial Access to Tested Interventions: The Views of IRB/REC Chair, Investigators, and Research Participants in a Multinational HIV/AIDS Study. AIDS RESEARCH AND HUMAN RETROVIRUSES Volume 22, Number 9, 2006, pp. 837–841.
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