Alleged Ethical Transgressions in India’s International Research

The Independent published a special report on clinical trials conducted in India on 15th of November. The article entitled Without consent: how drugs companies exploit Indian ‘guinea pigs’ highlights the concerns with the increase in international research, conducted by multinational pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZaneca and Pfizer, that has occurred  in India since 2006.  The newspaper claims that there are more than 150,000 Indian patients enrolled in 1,600 trials. Over the last 5 years, numerous ethical transgressions had been uncovered, which usually involved poor and illiterate patients. Read more on the story by clicking on the  following the link

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  1. Ayman Salem November 23, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    The recently published (Nov. 14, 2011) article about exploitation in India is alarming and frustrating. What is shocking is the huge number of drug trials (1600) conducted in a rather short period of time (5 years).
    It’s known that the International research trials conducted by international (multinational) drug companies are increased in Africa and India during the last decade. Yet, several countries in the Middle East are potential candidates for international research. Egypt is on top of the list.
    In fact the international drug trails already came in Egypt during the last few years and it is expected to overflow. Like India; Egypt enjoys the same circumstances for international companies to conduct drug trials on Egyptian population. The prerequisites for drug research are available such as various kinds of diseases, large number of population and rather limited health resources. Furthermore, the infrastructure for research trials in Egypt is almost provided e.g. substantial number of hospitals along with English-speaking doctors (researchers) and “suitable” regulations/legislations. Therefore, the number of international trials expected to be conducted in Egypt in the next few years is likely to increase.
    I’m not surprised with exploitation mentioned in the article and I don’t approve it. Specific measures should be taken by all the parties involved in research to prevent exploitation and to promote fairness.


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