Bonus Webinar!

Dear MERETI friends

PRIM&R has announced a new online webinar “International Research: Applying Ethical Principles and Research Guidelines in a Global Setting ” on February 16th, 2011.

On the occasion of the New Year’s, we are announcing a bonus webinar:  members who can increase their cumulative points to 20 by February 13th will have the opportunity to attend the webinar for free.  The number of spots is limited, so first come first served. Those who collect their points first will attend the webinar for free.

As a reminder you can collect points by voting in an opinion poll, leaving a comment to a post, participation in a discussion forum topic, starting a discussion on the forum and managing the discussions that occur afterward, or writing a review of a journal article and posting it either as a blog or on the discussion board.

Please review the CREE system on the website for more details. Don’t forget to register if you have not done so yet!!  Let the competition begins.

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