Conference: Promoting Clinical Trials in MENA Region – October 7-8, 2013

menaThis conference, Promoting Clinical Trials in MENA Region, aims to raise the profile of the Middle EAst, North Africa and Turkey as a key region to conduct clinical research. It will be bring together a delegation that includes both international and local pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, government officials and CRO’s to improve and promote drug development. Drs. Nadia Zaki and Henry Silverman will be giving presentations at this conference.

The global landscape for clinical trials has continued to evolve and change over the last ten years. One of the biggest changes has been the shift towards the emerging and developing countries. The MENA region has been one of these regions highlighted for its opportunities, and this series provides the platform to strengthen its position as a serious player in the clinical trials arena. Clinical Trials in MENA countries is growing aggressively. Key factors for this include low costs of carrying out research, established democracies, large population, highly qualified researchers, and patient availability; all making the region attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.

Governments are keen to support the growing interest and have been introducing regulations to give confidence for trials to be carried out, and have also been offering incentives in some cases. There are of course key factors that need to be taken into account to ensure the trials are successful. The agenda will be represented by issues such as approval timelines, qualified data or site facilities have traditionally deterred international pharmaceuticals from carrying out their research. Both CRO and Pharmaceutical sponsors will discuss how these challenges have not affected the successful running of their clinical development.


  • Partnership Strategies to Strengthen Stakeholders Relationships
  • The Important Role Technology Plays in Effective Clinical Trial Operations
  • Addressing Challenges in Biologistic Quality and Cost
  • Ensuring Global R&D Budgets Continue to grow in the region
  • Strategies to Strengthen Patient Recruitment and Participation
  • Best Practice for Site Selection and Investigator Meetings
  • What Role Government is Playing to Promote the Region
  • Improving the Operational Efficiency for Clinical Trials
  • How to Ensure Trials Stay Cost Effective
  • Tackling the Limited Number of CRAs and Training in the Region
  • The Role Local Hospitals Play in Enhancing MENA as a Clinical Trials Hub

Visit  the Agenda to see the full list of topics being covered at this event.

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