Continuing Research Ethics Education
Bronze Category (50 points):

A.  PRIM&R  International Membership
 The international membership offers several membership benefits, including:
The Monthly Newsletter
Discounts on PRIM&R events
             Access to the Members Only resources on the PRIM&R website
 Please note that this package does not include the full benefits of regular membership. 

B. Subscriptions to a journal (one-year) specializing in ethics or research ethics.  Examples include:

  • Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethic
  • Hastings Center Reports
  • Journal of Medical Ethics
  • Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
  • The American Journal of Bioethics

For a complete list of journals, click here:  Journal List  

Silver Category (100 points): 

A. PRIM&R Individual Membership
This is the full service membership that includes all of our membership benefits and services.     

B. Access to a PRIM&R Webinar 

C. USB device to access the internet   

Gold Category (150 points): 

A. Access to PRIM&R Online Training Course for IRB Members      

B. One year’s access to the internet by a mobile carrier in your country.  

You need to have Registered on the MERETI NETWORK to be eligible to collect points     

How can you collect points?

• 1-3 points for meaningful participation in a discussion forum topic.
• 1 point for leaving a vote on an opinion poll
• 1 point for posting a comment to a blog
• 5 points for starting a discussion on the forum and effectively managing the discussions that occur afterward.
• 10 points for writing a review of a journal article and posting it either as a blog or on the discussion board.






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