Free Online Course on the Ethics of Genomic Research

Since the Human Genome Project, the costs of conducting genome wide association studies (GWAS) have dropped dramatically and the number of studies around the world using such techniques is increasingly rapidly.

More researchers are seeking ethical approval for GWAS, and committees that review research are increasingly being asked to review GWAS or research that includes a genomic component.  In response to requests for resources about ethical issues arising in the design and review of GWAS protocols Global Health Reviewers has launched a specialist free online training course entitled Introduction to Reviewing Genomic Research (

Global Health Reviewers now has links to over 80 online courses in research ethics, many of which are free.

 This is a good opportunity for REC members who are reviewing genetic research. You will need to visit Global Health Trials, then register for free to access the course: Introduction to Reviewing Genomic Research. You will receive an email to confirm your email address. To be able to long onto the website in successive times, kindly click on the link  to confirm your email address.
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