International Program in Research Ethics & Research Methodology

Sponsored by University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB)

Program Description

The program is designed for individuals who want to become leaders in research ethics, become educators in research and research ethics, and pursue scholarly research in the area of research ethics.

Description: The goal of this 2-year program is to offer to mid-career academic professionals training in research ethics, research methodology, statistics, scientific writing, critical thinking skills and teaching skills.

Who Can Apply: Anyone involved in conducting or reviewing research

  • At least MBBS or equivalent degrees
  • Members of Research Ethics Committees
  • Allied Health care providers – e.g., nurses, pharmacist
  • Clinical Research Professionals

Competencies: By the end of this program, the applicant will acquire:

  • Specific Knowledge in Research Methodology and Research Ethics
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Scientific and Grant Writing Skills
  • Teaching and Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Skills

Program Features:

  • 2-day Virtual Live Spring 2022 Selection Workshop to finalize final participants; dates to be determined
  • One-week Live Virtual Summer workshop
  • Online Degree Certificate Program (12 credits) provided by University of Maryland Baltimore
  • Performance of a Research Project
  • Timeline
    • Prepare research proposal during Summer 2022
    • Enroll in online graduate program Fall 2022 (six credits)
    • Submit research proposal to REC by end of Fall 2022
    • Begin research project and submit for publication by January 2023
    • Complete remaining six credits of online degree program by May 2023

Funding: Full scholarships are available for 6-8 individuals and will include:

  • Registration fees for Online programs and funding for a research project

Submission Requirements:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • One-page personal statement of career goals and how this program will help you
  • Official transcripts of individual grades from prior degree programs
  • Documentation of English Proficiency either by a passing score on TOEFL (80) or IELTs (7.0) or attended school in a country on the exemption list – to view list, click here.

Deadline for Applications: 15 March 2022

Contact Information
Please contact Henry Silverman with any questions regarding the application process.

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