MERETI 2012 Candidates Arrive at the University of Maryland

I would like to introduce the MERETI 2012 Candidates; they arrived last night (May 27) and most will spend the next four weeks studying research ethics and other topics in bioethics

They are as follows from left to right:

Fouad Othman, Taiz University, Yemen
Omaima Abo-Elkheir,  Al-Azhar University  for Girls, Egypt
Rola Jaafar,  Ain Wazein Hospital, Lebanon
Sara Lavinia Brair,  Al Neelain University, Sudan
Mahmoud Habashena, National Institute of Forensic Medicine, Jordan
Ghiath alAhmad, King  Abdulaziz Medical City, Saudi Arabia
Mahmoud Herzallah, Prince  Hamza  Hospital,  Jordan

2 Responses to MERETI 2012 Candidates Arrive at the University of Maryland

  1. dr.mahrous May 29, 2012 at 2:00 am #

    congratulations every body
    I wish you all the best
    take care
    i hope that you enjoy your stay.


  2. Azza saleh May 30, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    Dear Henry and Dear MERETI 2012, GOOD LUCK and WELCOME to the MERETI Family, wishing you all the best, nice stay in Maryland and work hard guys :)………..Iam SURE you will do!!!

    Azza- MERETI 2007

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