MERETI, a New Era!!

Let me start by thanking all our friends from the Arab countries and around the world who cared for our safety in Egypt and shared with us our difficult moments of change!

In face of the awakening that has occurred in Egypt and the other Arab countries, political corruption that has been concealed for many years and has made us all suffer was revealed and showed its ugly face.   This revelation drew my attention to a somewhat similar reality that has been occurring in the ethics of research in academia in our countries.  In response, we the MERETI group have fought hard and stood up for what we believed in regarding the ethics of research.  Despite the many challenges we faced in our respective places, we succeeded in spreading the awareness and knowledge about research ethics and in implementing the principles of autonomy, beneficence and justice in our institutions.

I would like to congratulate all of us for a job well done. But similar to recent events, we probably need to take our work to the next level by finding an opportunity to establish a well structured regulatory and legal system for conducting research.  Also, we need to reflect on the extent of any connection between our work in research ethics and the evolving political process regarding democratization.  To help with this issue, the MERETI program is sponsoring a webinar scheduled for tomorrow (28 Feb) that addresses this issue. Please click here for the announcement.   If you have not registered yet for this webinar, please do so soon!!!  Subsequently, we can discuss and share our ideas about how the current transformations taking place in our countries affect our work in research ethics.

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