Alaa Ismail and Henry Silverman

MERETI and ESHD Agree to Enhance Training for RECs

The MERETI Program and the Egyptian Society of Health Care Development (ESHD) has formally agreed to collaborate in the shared goal of organizing training for research ethics committees (RECs) in Egypt.  Dr. Alaa Ismail, Chairman of ESHD and Dr. Henry Silverman, Director of MERETI, met last week in Cairo and discussed how to enhance the functions of RECs in Egypt.  They agreed that such training will occur through the Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees (ENREC), which is led by Drs. Azza Saleh and Hany Sleem.   More than 30 RECs are members of this network, which meets on a regular basis to discuss important issues facing Egyptian RECs.  During the next several months, a comprehensive plan will be put in place to formalize ENREC’s efforts to enhance REC training.

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  1. diaamarzouk October 22, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    I would like to share in future training amd meetings
    Prof Diaa Marzouk
    Moderator of Ethics Committee
    Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University FMASU

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