MERETI Trainees attend the AUB Annual Bioethics Conference Sept. 2012

Rola Jaafar, the first MERETI MSc. student and Dr. Samia Rizak, a MERETI certificate holder, gave poster presentations in the Salim El-Hoss Bioethics and Professionalis Program (SHBPP) at the American University of Beirut, Faculty of Medicine 3rd Regional
Conference in September 2012. Rizk’s poster was on ‘Assessment of Self Perceived Risk/Benefit Decision Patterns By REC members in Egypt’ while Jafaar’s presented ‘Use of Self Assessment Tool in Assessing Functioning of RECs in Developing Countries’.

Dr. Hany Sleem also gave an oral presentation titled ‘Ethical and Practice Issues in Stem Cell Research and Therapy – Egyptian Situation’.

The workshop was 2 days long and focused on current controversies in stem cell research as well as ‘novel or innovative approaches related to biomedical ethics in universities’ and ‘empirical studies related to bioethics in the Arab world’.

Last year, during the SHPP 2nd Annual Conference, 6 MERETI certificate holders gave oral presentations while Dr. Silverman himself gave several talks on the status of research and research ethics in the Arab world too.

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