MERETI Webinar on Determinants of Successful Functioning RECs

On February 28,  the MERETI program held a well-attended webinar (individuals from Egypt, Jordan, Latvia, and Colombia) entitled:

Successful Functioning of Research Ethics Committees
in Low and Middle-Income Countries:
Role of Political, Social, Economic, and Institutional Conditions

This webinar, presented by Vents Silis,  a former trainee from the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Advanced Research Training Program, discussed the concept that successful functioning of research ethics committees depends on an ecological model that incorporates concepts borrowed from Amartya Sen’s model of human development, other systemic enabling conditions (e.g.,  economic development), and support at the national level.     The webinar was based on the following paper: Research Ethics System in Latvia: Structure, Functioning, and Problems

Enjoy the webinar!

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