MERETI’s Presentations at PRIM&R

I would like to post the materials that our MERETI people presented at last week’s PRIM&R conference.
These are as follows:
Rehab Abdelhai gave a powerpoint presentation entitlted “Health Related Research in Developing Countries“. Dr. Rehab discussed how the recent increase in the conduct of clinical trials in the developing countries coupled with the poor access to drugs that occurs with most of the population in the region creates the concern with potential exploitation of the populations in these countries.

Dr. Rehab also presented a poster entitled “Effects of Implementing a Post-Graduate Course in Medical Research Ethics: A Pilot Study from Cairo University.  Dr. Mohamed Hassan was a co-author. This poster was based on a study Dr. Rehab did last summer towards earning her MERETI Certificate Degree. The abstract can be accessed here.

Azza Saleh presented two posters at the conference.  One was “Implementation of Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees (ENREC)“;  Hany Sleem was a co-author.  The abstract can be accessed here.   The other poster was entitlted: Curriculum Guide for Research Ethics Workshops for Countries in the Middle East.  In addition to  Azza S. Radwan, co-authors included: Babiker Ahmed; Samar Ajeilat; Sumaia Al Fadil; Suhail Al-Amad; Hadir El-Dessouky; Ibrahim El Gendy; Mohamed El Guindi; Mustafa El-Nimeiri; and Rana Muzaffar.  The abstract can be accessed here.

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