My Impressions of the summer MERETI Program

I had been aware of the Maryland capacity building MERETI training course from its graduates. I was impressed by the change such training made on their academic performance and understanding not only of research ethics, but also on the way they lecture. The positive impact of the research ethics and training on their development was obvious. Since then, I have asked the MERETI graduates to assist me in teaching 2-3 day introductory workshops on  research ethics at the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics, which they did very well.

I then entertained the idea of enrolling myself in the certificate diploma. I was sceptical at first, as I am very busy with other activities that consume most of my time as Director of the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics at Khartoum University.  My family is always unhappy about how little time I spend with house affairs, even though all my children are grown up.  It took me several months to address and organise my priorities and I came up with the conclusion that I have to take this course, even knowing that it is a demanding and a difficult one.

By the fifth day of the summer course, which was being held in Cairo, Egypt, while it was too early to give an objective evaluation of the course,  I must admit that already I learned a large amount of practical ideas, different ways of teaching, and writing skills. I have been teaching for over three decades, yet I feel there will be a change in my teaching and writing practice.

I would like to thank Professor Henry Silverman and Mrs Isabell May and the other instructors from whom we learned greatly.


Professor Mohamed A ElSheikh
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Director UNESCO Chair of Bioethics,
University of Khartoum, Sudan

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