My Passion To Study Ethics – MERETI Summer Reflections

YaldezWhen I was an undergraduate student, I started to study research methodology and Nursing Ethics as two different subjects. This was the first “light” that comes to my mind and attracts my attention to ethics and how interesting is it to study such a subject. Two years later, I started my master degree and again nursing ethics and research methodology were two separate mandatory subjects that we as graduate students had to pass to get the Master degree. Both subjects were presented by professors and were given in interactive sessions. Then, the critical phase came to start, which was to choose a thesis title.  I chose the most crucial title, which was: “Ethical Decision making among nurses and physicians in critical care units in Alexandria Hospitals”.  Here was the real challenge as my mentor told me: “take care, this is a sensitive issue that most of health care providers do not prefer to discuss it”.

After reading many ethics related articles, I became more eager to discover everything in ethics and how to solve a real ethical dilemma. Four years later, I was assigned to teach research methodologies and nursing ethics course; I taught these subjects using interactive lectures and assignments.  Since this time, my passion is increasing more and more to know and apply ethics in every situation that requires this.

In 2013, I became a committee member in one of the biggest projects in the region:  discussing the “Responsible Conduct of Science” (RCS).  Subsequently, I applied to the MERETI program, which was one of my dreams to add to my information about research ethics. At the meantime, I am adding to my knowledge and solving my queries about research ethics, though I know there is much to learn from MERETI.

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