New MERETI Trainees Arrive in Baltimore

Our new set of MERETI trainees arrived over the July 23/24 weekend to begin their 3-week training at the University of Maryland Baltimore.  During this time they will learn important concepts in research ethics and will also develop their skills in scientific writing, public speaking, curriculum design and teaching, and leadership.  Afterwards, they will enter the online portion of the program and perform an in-country project during the next two years.  There are three individuals from Egypt (Amira Sultan, Maha Emad, and Hesham El-Samadony); three individuals from Morocco (Samia Boukhris, Imane Toughrai, and El Bachir Benjelloun); two from Sudan (Lamis Behsir and Salma Shammet) and one person from Jordan (Amal Al-Omari).

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