New Opinion Poll Added: How to Select the Chair of the REC

Please post your vote on the new Opinion Poll on the home page of the MERETI Network site regarding how the chair of the REC should be selected for a new REC.   Three options are given and include a) by the Dean or the President; b) by the members of the REC in a secret vote; or c) by a committee in the University (e.g., graduate council).  This poll was inspired by an ongoing discussion in the Discussion Forum.

The previous poll regarding “What is the best method of ethics review for a multi-site clinical study” revealed the following results:
a) 37% – form a committee from the different RECs from where the study will be conducted
b) 27% – organize a central REC
c) 24% – continue with multiple REC reviews of the clinical trial
d) 12% – form a specialized REC (e.g., one dealing with renal diseases, hepatic diseases, etc.).

Thanks for voting


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  1. Omaima July 2, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    Thanks to all , indeed the results of the previous roll opinion revealed the most suitable rank of options (37 %) that I believe it could be applicable in Arab countries , as I see it may solve the conflict in opinions between different RECs and save the time of the researcher.


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