New Publication on Access of Human Tissues in Developing World Research

The McLaughlin-Rotman Center for Global Health, based at the University of Toronto, has published the following article regarding the use of human tissues collected from research participants in the developing world:    “Access and use of human tissues from the developing world: Ethical challenges and a way forward using a tissue trust”.

The article addresses the three main challenges to the sharing of tissues between scientists in the developed world and those from low to middle income coutries:  informed consent, community engagement, and benefit-sharing.   The article proposes a solution that will address these ethical concerns and help restore the long term benefits to the participating community.  This endeavor was initiated in response to resistance faced by scientists from affluent countries in their access to tissues (including blood) of research participants in low to middle income countries. This occurred as result of past cases of exploitation that had been portrayed in the media.

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