Practicing Is The Master of Everything – Reflections at the MERETI Summer Training

Fatma picTo start any learning process, we must have the proper knowledge about the relevant subject matter. Subsequently, we proceed through a learning curve that is enhanced by “practicing”. Practicing helps to increase the skills needed to accomplish the task.

I firmly believe that practice is very important. For example, look at a child during the first year of his/her life, who is trying to stand and walk. The child stands at first by the help of his/her parent then he/she might fall if the parent didn’t support. The child insists on trying it again and again until standing still without the help of anyone is accomplished. Practice in this situation is accompanied by trial and error. The child has the target to stand up without any external support. Once this mission is accomplished, he/she starts to walk, but with the support of his/her parents.  The child may fall many times, but finally with practice is able to walk alone. The child will never give up and will continue to try again and again.

Practicing comes easy in childhood, but in adulthood, motivation and presence of any inner incentive guide the learning process along with other factors. It is not that easy in adulthood. One must have the will of learning something new that will be translated later to actions that need practicing to obtain the needed skill.

Trial and error learning is present in adulthood, but sometimes adults become frustrated from frequent errors or failures and lose their motivation to proceed. This will be translated to negative actions toward the learning process and resistance to obtain the new skill. Also, it might affect others, as one can give their own failed experiences to their colleagues. Thus, their colleagues might have subjective fear to try this process from the stories they hear. This will affect the decision of the new listener to try such a process.

Resistance that comes after trial and error is very difficult to change. But, I feel that we can avoid resistance from the start by proper practicing until we obtain the required skill; we must never give up. We need to control ourselves, like any child we must try again and again. We need to search for the child inside ourselves. This child will help us as it is never too late.

Also, we need to try and practice by ourselves and not just listen to any stories from our colleagues, as these stories represent their own failed experience and not ours. We can take the positive issues from their stories and analyze the causes of their failure for ourselves to avoid them from happening to us. By this, we look to the full portion of the “glass”. We need to encourage ourselves by saying that there is someone who did it, so I can do it too.

It is usually said that adults are resistant to change. I agree with this, but I feel that we as adults can change by practice like a child trying to learn how to stand or walk. This might be affected by the presence of certain factors like stress, work, age, gender, etc. But, it is never too late to search for the inner child in your soul and do your best to change by practicing again and again as we strive to never give up.


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