Research Ethics Workshop, Fez, Morocco, Feb 29-March 1-2, 2016

The annual MERETI 3-day Research Ethics Workshop will be held this year in Fez,  Morocco from February 29- March 2, 2015.  The Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah University in Fez is co-sponsoring this workshop.  The hotel venue for this workshop is the Palais Medina & Spa.   Topics to be discussed include:  operational characteristics of research ethics committees, informed consent, vulnerability, confidentiality and privacy, safety monitoring, responsible conduct in research, essentials of protocol review, exploitation, and ethics of genetic sample research.  The learning objectives include:

a) apply principles of ethics to dilemmas in research
b) discuss how to protect vulnerable populations
c) discuss issues regarding exploitation in international research
d) analyze ethical aspects of research protocols

Also discussed will be the new Moroccan Law in Research Ethics.   New applicants to the 2016 MERETI program will also be attending this event.  Registration Fee is $500.

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