Research Ethics Workshop Organized by MERETI Trainees in Morocco

A research ethics workshop was successfully held at the Faculty of Medicine at Cadi Ayyad and the Clinical Research Service of Mohammed VI University Hospital this past December 9-10, 2014 in Marrakesh, Morocco.  It was organized by MERETI trainees:  Mohamed Amine, Latifa Adamouch, and Salma Ait Batahar.   Members of the newly developed research ethics committee (REC) of the Faculty of Medicine were present.  A thoughtful discussion occurred when the draft law on research regulations was presented.  Significant items in this soon to pass law included the creation of  regional RECs as opposed to institutional RECs, a prohibition of payment to research participants except for reimbursement of expenses, and the specification that intervention studies require REC review, whereas observation studies that included routine clinical procedures would not need REC review.  Many in the audience questioned why social behavioral research, such as survey and interview research, was not included.


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