Self Assessment Tool for RECs

Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics. 2010; 5:85

The MERETI Program now makes available its Self-Assessment Tool for RECs.
To complete the Self Assessment Tool please follow the link:
Self Assessment for RECs Tool
To provide benchmarking, we conducted a study in which RECs from different developing regions completed the self-assessment tool.  The results for three of the regions are shown in the accompanying table.

The following table shows the percentile rank of scores from these RECs.

Elements of the Self Assessment Tool:

  • Organizational Aspects,
  • Membership and Educational Training
  • Submission Arrangements and Materials
  • Minutes
  • Review Procedures
  • Communicating a Decision
  • Continuing Review

The Self-assessment tool can achieve the following

  • help RECs evaluate and enhance their operations.
  • Provide Quality Improvement for best practices
  • Develope Educational initiatives


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