Training Initiative for REC at Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In order to improve the quality of research, Faculty of Medicine, Jazan University, KSA, established a research ethics committee (REC) to review research proposals submitted by faculty members, students, and collaborators from other institutes. The REC members include medical and non-medical staff, community representative, and a lawyer.  The committee is to follow the National Research Ethics Guidelines and it has already developed its own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)  in accordance to the national and international RECs practices.

In preparation for the start of the reviewing research proposals, the REC at the Faculty of Medicine, Jazan University, KSA, began a training program for its members.  This training initiative began with a workshop in December 2010 that was organized and moderated by Dr. Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla (MERETI 2008) and Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Elhassan.  This was followed by a two day programme of lectures, group work, and protocol review conducted by Prof. Henry Silverman,  who was  invited by Faculty of Medicine, Jazan University.  Joining Prof. Silverman was Dr. Bakr Bin Sadiq (MERETI 2009) from the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center,   Jedda, SA.   The visit is considered as a start of a collaboration between the college and MERETI and University of Maryland.

The Faculty of Medicine of Jazan University, located in the southern area of Saudi Arabia  near the border with Yemen, was established in 2006. The main mission of the Faculty of Medicine is healthcare improvement of Saudi Arabia, in general, and of the Jazan community, in particular.  Accordingly, the Faculty adopts an integrated system based and community oriented curriculum to achieve its objectives, together with participation in health service and conduction of research.

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