Update on the PRIM&R Conference

Next week begins the 2010 PRIM&R Advancing Ethical Research Conference that will be held in San Diego, Dec. 6-8.  Several of our MERETI people will be participating in the conference!  They are as follows:
Rehab Abdel Hai will be participating in two conference sessions.  
1)  International Post-Trial Access: Ethical Issues and Responsibilities (International Research Track) 
2) “We Are the World:” Sharing Strategies and Solving Problems for Those Reviewing and/or Conducting International Research 
Rehab will also be presenting a poster entitled: 
Effects of Implementing a Post-Graduate Course on Research Ethics: A Pilot Study From Cairo University. Her co-authors include Professor  Mohamed Hassan Hussien, Cairo University, and  Henry Silverman, University of Maryland School of Medicin, Baltimore USA

Azza Saleh will be presenting the following two posters:
1) Implementation of Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees (ENREC)
2) Curriculum guide for research ethics workshops for countries of the Middle East.
One of her co-authors on the second poster, Hadir El-Dessouky, will also be attending the conference.

Let us all wish our colleagues safe journeys!!!


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