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Below is a list, if you are interested in any of the topics please contact us to send you the full text article.


The concise argument
The concise argument Søren Holm
Hurts, insults and stigmas: a comment on Murphy James Lindemann Nelson
Clinical ethics
Scientific evidence and best patient care practices should guide the ethics of Lyme disease activism Paul G Auwaerter, Johan S Bakken, Raymond J Dattwyler, J Stephen Dumler, John J Halperin, Edward McSweegan, Robert B Nadelman, Susan O’Connell, Sunil K Sood, Arthur Weinstein, Gary P Wormser
What do our patients understand about their trial participation? Assessing patients’ understanding of their informed consent consultation about randomised clinical trials C Behrendt, T Gölz, C Roesler, H Bertz, A Wünsch
Life support and euthanasia, a perspective on Shaw’s new perspective Jacob Busch, Raffaele Rodogno
What is morally salient about enhancement technologies? Auke J K Pols, Wybo Houkes
Ethical challenges in fetal surgery Anna Smajdor
Theoretical resources for a globalised bioethics Marian A Verkerk, Hilde Lindemann
Ethics of modifying the mitochondrial genome A L Bredenoord, W Dondorp, G Pennings, G De Wert
Global medical ethics
Facebook activity of residents and fellows and its impact on the doctor–patient relationship Ghassan Moubarak, Aurélie Guiot, Ygal Benhamou, Alexandra Benhamou, Sarah Hariri
Law, ethics and medicine
When choosing the traits of children is hurtful to others Timothy F Murphy
If I were a rich man could I sell a pancreas? A study in the locus of oppression M Epstein
Research ethics
Retractions in the scientific literature: do authors deliberately commit research fraud? R Grant Steen
Health service research: the square peg in human subjects protection regulations L S Gittner, M J Roach, G Kikano, S Grey, N V Dawson
A defence of a new perspective on euthanasia David Shaw
Brief report
Respecting frailty Laurie H Mallery, Paige Moorhouse
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